Liquid, Paste packer
  • Item – Preformed pouch Automatic Fill – Seal machine / Rotary type pouch packer
  • Function – Filling Liquid, Paste product into preformed plastic pouch and Sealing by heat and then discharging fully automatically
  • Application products
    – Liquid/Paste – Soup,Sauce, Detergent, Cosmetics, Beverages, ketchup, Mayonnaise, Edible oil, shampoo..etc
  • Application pouches (Heat-sealable pouches)
    – Preformed heat-sealable pouches
    -Various shaped pouches are available
    (With Zipper/slide zipper, Spout)

Concept of packaging process

  • Rotary type packaging process

  • Empty pouch Loading
  • Date coding
  • Pouch opening
  • 1st product filling
  • 2nd product filling
  • 1st Heat sealing
  • 2nd Heat sealing
  • Sealed area pressing and pouch Discharging

Machine out-view and dimension


Model and specification


Jupack machine advantages compared with others

  • Fully automatic Preformed pouch Open-Fill-Seal-Discharge machine
  • Easy Pouch size change in 5 minutes by motor via Touch screen.
  • Cylindrical design gripper gets high durability and prevents from dirty
    – Acceptable for food packaging
  • Spring inside gripper design prevents spring from rusting and dirty
    – No need worry about broken spring falling into pouch
  • Smooth and trustable moving by mechanical cams
    – No springs system which has vibration, bouncing and broken problem.
  • Individual four (4) gripping system – Duplex model
    – No center gripping system which has loading, opening, filling and sealing problem
  • Electrical cabinet is on top of machine for safe water cleaning.
  • High durability design with small footprint



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